Infuse macOS public alpha 3 - updated 12/29/20


First, Thanks a lot for your amazing work.

Infuse works perfectly with my macbook pro 15 and my ultrawide screen samsung 49.

Just a small bug in meta icon.


Hi, I just downloaded the latest macOS alpha version and I’m wondering, how I can update the new mac App? Does the app checks for updates automatically?
Or do I always have to manually download the latest version?

The first post in this thread will have info on your questions.

Running the 3rd alpha now. Super! Thanks a lot and a happy new year!

Loving the look so far and hope it makes it’s way to the tvOS and iPadOS versions. Selectable actor thumbnails to bring up their other media would really take it next level though. Would look great and add useful functionality to the app.

Good afternoon, I, too, am glad to see a macOS version of Infuse, but my purpose is probably different than what others would use it for. My main Infuse library is on a server Mac on my LAN. My iOS devices, my iTVOS devices, and my iPadOS devices all work into that library very well. This is probably the same for the majority of users. My primary reason for adding Infuse was that it provides all that iTunes had been giving me, without me having to convert the video material to MP4s (using Handbrake). Infuse can handle the wide variety of formats that I encounter, and conversion is not required. A big bonus. My desire for a macOS version was to have an Infuse library on my MacBook Pro, limited to a small selection, and portable. Now the tricky part. When at home, I’d like to be able to copy, within Infuse, from one library to the other. Yes, I can do that at the Finder level, but see that function within the Infuse app as another bonus. This would be similar to what I can do with iTunes (Music/TV) - connect to another library on my LAN and import selected tunes/movies/TV shows.

Also, I have noticed that macOS Infuse creates an Infuse folder in ~/Movies, which is not where I prefer to have my library. I have succeeded in creating the local library in its desired location, and have even deleted the ~/Movies/Infuse copy, but it returns upon launch. It does not create a problem, but seems unnecessary. I may re-think my preference on this, but sharing a discussion might be useful.

Thanks for the app. I’ll keep exploring.

Further to my comments, I notice that Infuse won’t accept an alternate file name within ~/Movies. For example, if I change the file name from Infuse to Infuse MBP, on the next launch, a new (additional) Infuse folder is created. If I am going to have more than one library, I want to identify those libraries at the highest level (e.g. Infuse Server, Infuse MBP, etc.)

Just started trialing this on my iMac, works very well for a Alpha release. Couple of things I noticed, but maybe have not used enough to find.

  1. Once you have navigated to you wish to watch, on selecting Play, is there an option to allow it to go direct to full screen.

  2. Could not find ability to resize subtitles nor change color of them. As I am getting on in age, I find the use of subtitles very useful, and the ability to customise as with the Apple TV 4K I use a very useful set of features.

  3. When selecting watch vs unwatched, I can see no difference. Need a symbol or method to mark watched shows consistent across Apple TV iPad Windows etc.

Great so far, keep it up guys. As I have been a PLEX user a long time now, I wish I had used this one a lot sooner.

Cannot wait, wanna to download the latest build