Infuse macOS public alpha 11 - updated 2/26/21

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On both Mac Mini M1 and iMac, libraries are not updating. Also, initially, I did not have the delete basket for metadata covered ,but now it is - see image

Liking all the progress. Should be nice and polished when ready for the masses.

Can’t wait

I am glad to notice the alpha is going better after each iteration. Secondary display is supported now. I just bought an HomePod mini and have found it is not supported by infuse as an airplay speaker.

Thanks switching back to V9 and enabling Plex then updating to V10 - that did the trick.

Still not sure if it is InFuse or Plex but all of my infuse devices were acting strangely (not updating not syncing) I switched to Emby and things seem much better all around.

Feature request - it would be great to have the letters of the alphabet running down the side in the browsing window. It is a slow process to get to the video you want to see if it starts with a letter late in the alphabet.