Infuse - MacOS Catalina - Beta?

When Infuse for MacOS will be released ? Beta version for Xmas?

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You can track the advancement of new features here

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how can i take part in the beta for mac os?

At the moment we are all still waiting. There is a rumor that Apple will release TestFlight for macOS soon and that may help.

OK. I’ve already registered for the beta. :wink:

Just to make sure you understand. This is going to be “Alpha” not “Beta” so just be aware that evil could lurk behind every button. :wink:

It could also happen in “Beta” but if you really want to live on the bleeding edge of technology you can try “Alpha” releases.

Just a word of advice from one who has ridden that horse before. Do NOT load it on a machine that you can’t absolutely do without.

Considering this is just an app and not an OS it shouldn’t ruin your system. There are sandboxing requirements and the like. At most the app wouldn’t work correctly or at all. But to that end it could mess up your library and metadata, etc.

But it can make it unusable if you get in the loop of crash, computer restart, launch apps running before crash. I’ve personally experienced that and until you’re comfortable with how to interrupt cycles like that and other little inconveniences then best to wait for a release. Many users will try a “pre-release” just to have the latest and greatest and are surprised when it not only doesn’t work but as you said, it eats what WAS working like your library and icloud sync. :skull_and_crossbones:

I also meant Alpha.

it will be installed on another system.

At least it has the framework from iOS and won’t be completely from scratch

where did u registered ?

Did you read the tacked thread at the top of this (Mac) forum?