Infuse MacOS and Plex library sync

I’ve been using Infuse on TvOS/iOS for years and installed the MacOS version today.
Home screen and library is empty, shows “add files”. I have iCloud sync enabled across platforms.

Do I need to add data source manually in MacOS? Source is Plex Media Server and not a fileshare.

I know on other devices when I loaded a new copy of Infuse I just went to the library settings screen and watched the messages. It took a while to sync the shares and then the metadata so it could take a bit. I didn’t have to enter anything though.

Sorry for the confusion.

Media server connections (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin) will need to be added manually on each device. This is due to these servers granting an access on a device-by-device basis. IE You can revoke access for an iPhone but keep the Apple TV working.

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OK, makes sense, but when I add the Plex Share and grant permission it is only shown under “Files”. Home screen and library still empty and not syncing with my ATVs.

Same here! Very confusing. :woozy_face:

Looks like I got this somehow sorted, had to go to “Preferences, Library” and then manually “scan for changes”. Then everything under Home and Libray tabs gets populated except “On deck” for some reason.

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