Infuse Mac App?

but don’t we already have PLEX for that sort of thing? the beauty of Infuse, in my mind, is that it is like a prettier XBMC, without any of the configuration hassles…it just works and looks great…so to not require a server component would be maintaining the essence of the ease of Infuse, no?

I have been using Infuse for iOS and I really appreciate the detail. Have you considered making a FrontRow like substitute??

Please make an infuse app for mac, it would be so wonderful to be able to plug a usb hdd into a mac mini and immediately use the infuse software as a mac app.
Imagine the possibilities if you guys made a media center box like lacie with the infuse app running as the main body with facebook, twitter, youtube and netflix all together. That would be a dream machine for any movie watcher. A plug and play infuse app/media center

I would LOVE such an app.

I really like the Ipad app - but upgraded my ipad4 to a macbook air 11", and really miss the infuse UI to watch my movies and series whenever i travel.

+1 for infuse on OS X

+1 for the Mac Infuse app... 

+1 for a Mac App!


and not to disrespect the creators, but can anyone suggest a Mac app that even comes close to Infuse?

I have to agree Airplay is almost a must for Infuse users, they just get around those areas of media that make Airplay a necessity, hopefully we will see it added soon.

I have to agree Airplay is almost a must for Infuse users.

I love infuse on my Apple TVs, on my iOS devices...

But I miss the Infuse for Mac!. I'd love the app, if there Will be any! And if it can be controlled by Apple remote only, it'll be once of my best apps!

Any update on this subject?
Please make Infuse Mac App :)))
It’s the only thing I miss on my Mac Mini that I use now as a media player.
I have two Apple TVs and two iPads with Infuse installed and have to say that Infuse is so much better than any other similar product.

Hi James


We are still waiting for the good news, that Infuse is available for Mac via Appstore. I really hope such an app will see the light of day sooner than later.

I love Infuse and I will recommend it to all WHO own an iPad, iPhone or an Apple TV.

We are waiting… :o;

Thanks for the great app. Excited and anxious to see Infuse 2!


Deathly Viking

+1 for this idea. Perhaps the only app I would consider of VLC and that is saying a lot :slight_smile: And yes, that airplay streaming would be ace! Specially for those with an Apple tv gen. 3.

Yeah, this’d be awesome. Like a cross between the Infuse iPad app and Beamer. There doesn’t seem to be an app out there that has the metadata gathering capabilities of Infuse, unless you want to use Plex (which I don’t).

it would be a great idea !!!

It would be great to have a Mac app that syncs up with mobile apps like the bit torrent sync app. It would be great because then we can airplay better than Yosemite

  • supporting all above requests for desktop app

Looking forward to it.

I’d love this too. I often watch stuff on my Mac while working on other things, and having to use inferior apps/solutions (without playback position sync) is not a nice experience.

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    I use infuse on my iPad, my Apple TV, i hope in a future mac app version!!!

I’ve registered just to +1 this request.