Infuse Mac App?

Finally!!! Yay!

Don’t remember.

+1 please make a Mac App!


Great news. That’s awesome!

+1 thank you

Great! I’m looking forward to it.

Oh DAMNNNNN MacOS app is coming–take my money!

macOS public alpha (in progress)

  • Port existing features/design using Catalyst (with limitations)
  • Drag-and-drop quick play
  • InfuseSync (scheduled scans & iCloud updates)
  • Other features TBD

great news

A quick update on macOS, with a few sneak peek screenshots. :smiley:


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Infuse for macOS is now available for public alpha testing! (actually, it was made available a few weeks ago). :slight_smile:

Please join the testing group to download the alpha, and share your feedback in the alpha thread.

I almost always watch my movies/shows on either a desktop computer or a laptop. Having a desktop version would be tremendous, something I would absolutely pay for it one were ever released.


There’s a currently running thread here that you can add your support to Infuse Mac App?

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First, thanks for a great application! Until Infuse I’ve had to keep a separate XBMC hockey puck in addition to my ATV just to read my local media collection, or Airplay from my laptop. I’ve since recommended this to several other people, all of whom love it.

My suggestion is why not make this app available for Mac OSX and Linux? It seems like the code is mostly in place and it would be a minor addition to make it available on Mac OSX App Store and Ubuntu/Red Hat.

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I can’t believe there isn’t already a Mac app for Infuse 5. I would gladly pay more for a subscription if a macOS version was made, even if it was a separate subscription to the iOS/tvOS versions.

Let’s see what is announced at WWDC 2019 because there might be a new development tool that makes porting iOS apps to Mac much more streamlined. See Marzipan: What you need to know about iOS apps on the Mac | iMore

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The first apps to leverage Marzipan came out last year (Home, News, Stocks) and were truly low-hanging fruit, so with the rumored additions of Music, Podcasts, and TV–effectively splitting iTunes–the upcoming version of MacOS is going to have to highlight just how great Marzipan can be for app developers. I have high expectations, so I can’t help but feel like porting Infuse to MacOS might be in the realm of possibility. There’s another discussion in these forums with a tonne more comments and votes, so maybe we should go support that one. I can’t find the link, but if someone can, please post it here so we can focus the discussion.

Here it is

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Don’t need to say much more I guess? ?
This would be great for managing the library or watching for people who only have Mac + iPhone and no iPad, especially if it has Trakt integration. Everyone must be using VLC + one of the plugins for Trakt which don’t always work that well.