Infuse Mac App?



I’ll pay

I registered just to give you a +1 on this one.
I use my MacBook Pro to watch some movies before sleeping and it would be nice to have my Infuse library synced from my Apple TV to my MacBook Pro instead of just using VLC across my SMB network.

Registered just to give +1 for this topic! :slight_smile:

Would love to see a Mac version, there is no native Mac app that does what infuse could I think it would give Plex a run for their money. It also shouldn’t be too hard to implement with catalyst as others have pointed out.

I have been looking for the same.

+1 this is a no brainer. Yes please!!!

+1 +1 +1

+1 Please!

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+1 from me too.

Obviously much +1’s from me

-but I would be curious to hear from the #FireCore developers like @james and anybody who has some insight or just some thoughts around the announcements from WWDC this week and how those might, well I was gonna say expedite development but this thread is almost 7 years old now so lets just say help or hinder future possible development, particularly when it comes to Catalyst and the clear multi-year converging of MacOS and iOS and iPadOS (maybe even WatchOS) into one Operating System to rule us all.


+1 This would be great!

+1 will buy it immediately

I would love this too! +1

+1 waiting for macOS version.

+1 as well, (for the fifth time in 5 years)

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Still no Mac App :frowning_face:

You have no more excuses now with Catalist.
So what are you waiting for?

It’s now under “planned” :slight_smile: