Infuse Mac App?

Has the Firecore team thought about making an Infuse app for the Mac appstore.  The ability to airplay stream almost any movie file format would be very handy to have on a Mac.  Airplay mirroring stutters too much to watch video from a Mac on an Apple TV.  It would be great to have an Infuse app on a Mac so that we can Airplay stream an AVI or MKV without have to convert to MP4 for iTunes.


great idea! I love an infuse app for os x! :D


We’ll see what we can do. :)


I would buy an Infuse app that acts just like the one on the AppleTV including being able to play from local or network storage.


Also, don’t block the screensaver from kicking in as I love using it for my photos when not watching a video.

+1 for this idea from me – I have no use for the iOS version, but a Mac version would be super useful.

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+1 would love to have that on my Mac. also would love to have the whole ATV Flash on my mac and airplay it, since i have 3rd Gen ATV and cant jailbreak it.

The key feature will be to have the ability to Airplay stream nearly any media file type - one, so that it caches on the Apple TV and eliminates lag and stuttering seen with mirroring and two, so that the user can continue to do other things on their mac while the movie is being Airplayed in the background.

iTunes can do this, but only with MP4/M4V movies.  I believe there is an app called Beamer which claims to have this functionality, but I’m sure the Firecore team can do this better with the knowledge they’ve gained from the iOS app.

I purchased infuse and it worked great on my ipad2 ios 6.1.3, I recently upgraded to ios 7.0, still learning my way around this new ios it has to be said, but eventually I got my video’s and tunes loaded, but this time the thumbnails do not show up in the infuse app, only in the stock ios 7.0 video app, which is not nearly so colorful or pretty as infuse, I tried deleting and reinstalling the infuse app, but still no thumbnails show up

any help would be appreciated.

Hmm, is this happening with all files or just a few?

Is Wi-Fi configured?

Can you try correcting metadata, and see if that helps?

Hi James

There are no video files at all in infuse I have 24 video movies loaded via itunes and they are all in the video app, infuse did not load them this time at all, in ios 7.0

Gotcha. Are these videos synced to the iPad, or are they iTunes in the cloud files?

If synced, are they purchased files by chance? 

Hi James

They are synced to itunes on my mac, no they are not purchased, at least not from apple

Hi James

Last time I synced this ipad with the old ios, which was completely wiped, was from my pc I am going to try that and see what difference it makes, it will take a while to back it up to pc, then I will try to pc sync it.

Hi James

No luck even deleted all the video files off the ipad and re-synced it with PC itunes, but the video player on the ipad ios 7.0 grabs all video, and nothing loads into infuse. also tried it again with my macbook pro …no luck.

Ok, thanks for following up. We haven’t seen this issue on an iPad 4 or iPad mini, but we’ll see if we can replicate the issue here on an iPad 2.

Did you have any luck James ?

No luck replicating the issue here, but there is a 1.5 update in review with Apple right now that adds some features, and fixes a few bugs, so it’s possible this update may resolve your issue.

Thanks James, here’s hoping it will fix the issue,really appreciate you guys and all the great work you do with Apple TV.

back to the topic of this thread, i would also be a huge evangelist for Infuse on OSX/Mac…i love XBMC, but Infuse would almost replace it for me, and would probably be all that most of my friends and colleagues would need, who constantly ask me how to organize and view their movie libraries for their big screen TV’s and projectors…i could easily turn 10 people on to Infuse in a week!

Just Do It!! (you won’t regret it)

no we need a Infuse Streamer/server