Infuse lost and not loading in content

I have infuse on three devices, two appletv 4k’s and an iPhone. One of the Apple TV’s has run in to some problems, and this has happened before on this device but this time it doesn’t seem to be responding to anything I try.

When I open infuse I am greeted by the spinning loading icon, sometimes I am able to navigate up to the settings, most of the time I can’t. When I am in the settings I have attempted to remove the shares and metadata to re add them, I eventually managed to remove the share (I am running an SMB from my router, nothing else). But when I re add and re enter router passwords etc I can add the folders but it doesn’t seem to load in any content.
Sometimes I am greeted with an orange screen in which it says it is optmizing content and tells me to leave the app open, however It actually appears to be doing nothing as eventually it just kicks back out to the Home Screen and the whole cycle begins again. I have tried to offload the app, attempts at deleting metadata just tends to freeze up the settings screen and I have to force close the app.

At this point as long as you have been using iCloud sync I’d recommend you delete the app off of this ATV completely.

On that ATV, set your screen saver to at least an hour. (this helps to monitor progress without the screen savers kicking in)

Then download Infuse again from the app store.

Launch it, and when the welcome screen comes up don’t add shares, just go to the settings > Library screen and there you should see the messages on the left side. I believe it will start with iCloud sync so it can gather the share info and start the reloading process. Let it run and it should reload everything and be back to normal.

This takes a while so don’t get antsy and bail out. Mine takes about 2 hours total to recover from new using iCloud sync.

Thanks. I just did the full delete and added back in. I don’t have a vast library so it was pretty much up and running again inside 10 minutes. I’d love to know what causes this to happen though…

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I don’t know for sure but the times I’ve had to do this have been right after either a OS update or an Infuse update right after a OS update. I guess that’s the price we pay for living on the bleeding edge of technology. :wink:

Glad you’re back and running. :+1:

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