Infuse loses metadata associations

Infuse 7.3.7, Apple TV, media library shared from an Emby server.

I’ve encountered a repeatable and frustrating problem with Infuse.

Infuse loses cast and crew associations whenever a new file is added to the Emby server library. The cast and crew information for each individual library entry isn’t lost, but selecting any specific cast and crew member only returns the current library item as containing the individual.

As an example, consider Liam Neeson. In my library, I have every Liam Neeson film. Selecting Liam Neeson’s entry from Rob Roy will correctly show every other Liam Neeson film in my library. However, whenever any new movie or television episode is added to the Emby server, selecting Liam Neeson’s entry will only reveal the current library item. So, after adding an episode of a television series, selecting Liam Neeson’s entry in Rob Roy will only show Rob Roy, and will not show all other library items containing the actor.

This is corrected if metadata is deleted. After deleting metadata and allowing Infuse to repopulate, the associations work correctly. However, as soon as any new item is added to the library, the associations are again lost. This is a problem, as every time a new item is added to the library, the only option is to delete Infuse metadata and wait several minutes for the data to repopulate.

Have you tried updating Infuse to the latest version? 7.3.10

I updated and retested. The problem persists in 7.3.10 and can be replicated. Adding any library item to the Emby server causes Infuse to lose cast and crew associations until Infuse metadata is cleared.