Infuse lose all my metadata randomly

Same issue here with an Apple TV3 32GB with only Infuse installed.

That happened many times to me with SMB shares and a library of ~2000 items.

Would be great if the Library can be saved also to iCloud and/or a network disk.

Thanks for your hardwork

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Watching this thread as this has only been an issue over the last few months. Library size is similar to other users (~2000 items). The tvStorageInfo app will show anywhere from 4-6GB free at any given time. It seems I lose metadata once every week or two.

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but is not possible to store metadata externally?
I have AppleTv4K 64Gb, and a NAS. It would be great if I may use the NAS as external storage for metadata (at least for backup, in order to prevent to redownload everything in case of data lost).

Yeah, same here. Have had this problem for a long time… Have a big library of 4000+ movies/episodes. And it keeps removing metadata, thumbnails and so on, on random occasions. Can be once or several times a day. Sometimes it seems that just opening the app triggers Infuse to start removing thumbnails and metadata of already indexed files and adding it again. Although nothing changed…

Is this mostly happening to users with the Apple TV 4K unit? I haven’t upgraded to 4K yet, but have well over 6000 TV episodes and 900 movies, and been using Infuse since it premiered on the Apple TV App Store, and only time I ever lost data was my fault, when adding 2 additional Apple TV’s to network. They have 29.52 GB used and 30.08 available. Checking settings/ manage storage/Infuse, it shows 40.9 MB. Is that just the app itself, or is that the metadata also? I couldn’t imagine maxing out my Apple TV’s , in fact probably have 10-15 apps I should delete cause I haven’t used them in months.

I have the 4th Gen (1080p) 32GB. I’ve even removed the majority of other apps to see if that would make a difference, but no.

Looking at Settings → Manage Storage you wouldn’t think tvOS is running out of space. I still show only 40MB with a full library of metadata. The app “tvStorageInfo” shows how much of the entire space is currently allocated / used, which I hover between 26-28GB.

My apps are Infuse Pro (latest), HBO Now, Showtime Anytime, Netflix, and Playstation Vue.

I have both Apple TV4 and Apple TV 4K both with 64GB and it is happening to both units, no difference whats so ever.

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Its not the problem of Apple, its the problem of the developer of Infuse. This bug is known since month but not fixed. I am software developer as well and I know the first direction of this job: first fix the bugs, then include new features. If you cant do it, then take a look for a new job.

And please dont mark this thread as solved if you dont do it.

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There is obviously a configuration that a small group of users have, that causes this issue. The majority of users, are not experiencing this particular issue. I’m sure it’s more difficult for Infuse to pin point the issue if they can’t reproduce it themselves.
I have a large amount of content indexed by Infuse Pro, and haven’t experienced this issue “since month” or at all due to Infuse.

In my experience, since Infuse was released to Apple TV store, they are quick to identify issues that they have replicated, are informative by posting workarounds , and consistent in releasing updates that include fixes as soon as possible.

I wish all developers of iOS/tvOS applications were as consistent.

I recently received an email for a support ticket that had been escalated to the top tier of support from Sling TV that admitted their Apple TV app has a known issue with random DVR’d programs not loading, ( although they play in Roku, FireTV, etc), and there is no established workaround, no expected update, and reminding me that Sling TV has no contracts, so I’m free to cancel my service.

Quick? After the connection problem in ios11 with a synology nas they need weeks to fix it. They can reproduce it, if they fill a library and update the version. The easiest solution is: if the device dont got data in the library but in the Apple cloud, dont delete it there and take a full download from the cloud to the device. Next simple workaround for all people, not just for a small group: backup the library to an extern device.

Have you forwarded your logs to support? Of those that did, James staff identified the issue as not being enough available space. James has also described why Infuse isn’t using external storage of data.
I count 10 users with this unresolved issue, a few more who are offering assistance as they previously had issue but now resolved, and are explaining possible reasons for loss.
I am no longer following this thread as I have not experienced this issue, nor have all but about 10 users.

Same problem here, I bought Infuse Pro 5. With Infuse Pro 4, I had no such problems.

For 17 euros, I think that should not happen. I have been observing the mistake for several months and a solution is still not here.

That annoys me a lot. I am user of the first hour of Firecore and have a lot of understanding, but I think it is time to fix this Error.



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Hello, I have the same issue, this is the second time it has happened.

It happened again today…

Mine just did it to me, too. I’m hopeful the Plex integration will make this better as it’ll just re-pull from the local/remote Plex server and not have to scrape and search for everything. I know there isn’t much else Infuse could do, minus sitting everything in iCloud which wouldn’t be a good solution for people who just use the standard (free) storage amount. I’d like that option though, but I also pay for 2TB of storage.

Happened to me over the weekend. Not sure if it’s storage related as it’s so difficult to find out how much space is actually free on the ATV, but found that forgetting all of my shares and adding them again solved the issue.

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IIRC , there quiet a few who asked about keeping content on iCloud but, Apple doesn’t permit. See attachment. How did Plex Integration work out?

That’s not what I was talking about.

Hey guess what? It happened one more time.

3 times folks.

This started happening every time I used the app, so had to restore my Apple TV and select ‘do not download’ in the screensaver preferences.