Infuse lose all my metadata randomly

Hi guys, today after my tvOS update I lost all my metadata from infuse :frowning:
Note, apparently only the matadata was lost, shared folders and other settings appear to be preserved.

I do not know if Apple was responsible but it’s a shame to have to catalog once again all my collection, someone else with this problem?

Thanks !!!

It sounds like you may have nearly been out of storage on the Apple TV, and in order to complete the update the Apple TV ‘helped’ by deleting some app data from Infuse and other apps.

Infuse 5 stores critical info in iCloud (saved shares, favorites, playback settings, Up Next list, etc…) so everything should start to repopulate itself when opening the app again.

Yup that’s probably happened … as you say … everything started to repopulate itself again, but some metadata that was manually selected was lost … and I have a collection too large and it is quite annoying to do this over and over again, It would be an interesting feature to preserve manual selections in the cloud, thanks !!!

Infuse should actually be preserving your manual corrections in iCloud. Are you using Infuse Pro? What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP/DLNA by chance?

Im using Infuse Pro with samba share, few days ago I shared with technical diagnostic details (RHSTQ) with the support (in case you want to inspect).

Thanks !!!

Hi again James,

Just try to see a movie with infuse today but metadata lost again, I do not think it really is something related to the disk space but it is probably something of the version 5.4, I attach some captures to you if you can diagnose the problem.

Note: I am an old one User of infuse and it is the first time that I experience this type of problems.

Please I hope you can help me with this problem that makes me a little restless.

I have the very same problem. Happened twice already. Is there a solution yet?

From one day to another- all metadata vanished. On top of that - Infuse doesn’t recover the data from iCloud (iCloud synchro turned on in the settings). Instead it makes a fresh scan of my hard drive. Super annoying!

Sorry, I must have missed this post.

We’ll take a look at this and see if your report has any clues.

If you can send in a report from your Apple TV we can look into your particular case as well. Thanks!

Hey James,
B5JZF is the code of my support ticket. Do you need any further information?

We’ll take a look. Thx.

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This happens to me several times per day. Infuse starts to re-download all metadata and thumbnails though it already have done this.

Can you send in a report from your Apple TV so we can look further into your case?

Will do it right away.

Hey James,

did you find out what the problem is? I don’t want to spend hours of reorganzising my library before beeing sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hi James.

I have sent a couple of Diagnostic Reports from my Apple TV4 now as it continues to redownload a part (1/3 - 1/2) of the already downloaded metadata over and over again. The app is now updated to 5.4.4 but this issue still persists.

This issue is still ongoing. On new install of the app it downloads all metadata and thumbs etc. And day 2 it starts removing 1/3 - 1/2 of the shares metadata and thumbs and redownloading them again.

Have you received my diagnostic reports about this? Any idea why it happens and keep on happening?

Still happens, it’s pretty annoying that it can’t be resolved in any reasonable manner. I’ve sent so many diagnostic reports, as requested, and really no change. Just constantly try this new update, or this update, but clearly it’s not being addressed.

This happened to me couple of times last year (Metadata database gone again!)

After few painful experiences, I noticed something that may cause metadata lost, after I tried to avoid doing that way, I didn’t lose any metadata since last December.

Once I use “Search” or switch between Post view and List View / Library View, movies are marked as “changed” hence it starts re-downloading metadata.

So I didn’t use Search, and always in Post View, that makes me happy.

BTW, running out of Storage could be a reason too, it looks like tvOS bug, for some reasons tvOS returns apps no free space error, while your Apple TV still has plenty of space. You need to download a free app called tvStorage something from AppStore, that tells how many free space available (the info given by tvOS). Usually restarting AppleTV will get correct free space info.