Infuse Library

I really like the new Library in Infuse for Apple TV Gen 4, although I have a problem with it, which may be a bug or a feature.

I have a second generation Windows Home Server with 40TB storage and about 31,000 titles, both movies and TV series. Infuse finds them alright, and updates metadata. To start with, 4.2 worked really well, but several times since the May update, the count of titles has reset to zero for both movies, TV-series and other, and then searched through the server and downloaded metadata all over again, a process with takes up to 24 hours with the larger number of titles that I have.

What can be the cause of the reset? Are the index of titles and metadata stored on the Apple TV, or are they stored on the server, or scanned dynamically every time the Apple TV restarts, or runs out of memory? Would be good to know how it works.

When it works, it works really well, making the movie library much easier to scan through the smart filters. It would be an enhancement to have smart filters on directors and actors also though, and search capability on title, director and actor names.

Hi there. I have the exact same problem with Infuse Library resetting its movie, tv-show and others count to 0 again and again forcing the app to redownload all metadata all over. Have you got a fix or solution in the meantime? Thank you very much for the excellent software!

My setup includes an Apple TV 4, the pro version of Infuse. The Apple TV is connected via ethernet to a Synology NAS that holds roughly 500 movies and 1.200 episodes of some TV shows. Crawling the entire DB for metadata takes certainly long, but the need to repeat this every time in a while is kind of annoying…