Infuse Library server that Infuse clients can connect to

is there any possibility of something like an “infuse server” that could run directly on NASes and clients could connect to it? That would solve so many of these sync-related issues if an always-on server handled the library functions centrally. There are two things that make me want to ditch Infuse, as much as I love it, and this is one of them. Kodi/Plex/etc libraries “just work” but Infuse is temperamental to say the least, seemingly because clients struggle to get through the whole sync process cleanly, especially in a situation where the client app is likely to go into background mode and battle with Apple’s black box limitations.

I would happily pay extra for this, and those who truly care about this are probably power users, so they might pay extra too.

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You can use Plex/Jellyfin/Emby as a server and use Infuse as a client.
And Direct Mode is coming in the future which makes this even better.

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In theory, which of those options is the most minimal and simple if I will be using Infuse 100% of the time?

I’d say Plex is the simplest. But Emby and Jellyfin are more customisable.

All 3 will give you the benefit of having a fast connection that you never have to worry about setting up, having a much more feature-rich metadata fetching system than Infuse, and having all of your metadata saved in a central location that’s ready to be accessed by any new device.

If you’re coming from Kodi or similar, I’d recommend Emby or Jellyfin, as they can import all your NFO metadata files. Plex can do this too, but it requires a user-made plugin, and isn’t that easy to set up in my experience.

For me, using Infuse + Emby is the best solution. Infuse is hands down the best player on Apple devices, but their metadata management has always been a bit lacking. Emby is a fantastic media server and metadata manager, but its player clients are mediocre.

I’ve been beta-testing the new Infuse direct mode, it’s going to be fantastic once it’s released. Direct mode allows you to instantly access your media server, without any syncing or storing any data on your playback device. You just login to your media server in Infuse, and your entire media library is instantly accessible.

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