Infuse > LG C9 w/ eARC > Sonos Arc

Hey folks,

I originally asked this on Sonos’ forums but was hoping the FireCore team or somebody else here might have some more insight/foresight to offer with this.

To keep the question simple; I have an LG C9 (with eARC) and have ordered a Sonos Arc. Much of my Infuse library has TrueHD 7.1 audio… and, essentially, I’m just hoping it will ‘just work’ and play Dolby Atmos.

However, the more I read, the more confused I get! E.g. My Apple TV 4K won’t output TrueHD 7.1, but instead LPCM, which the Sonos Arc won’t support?

Any help/future updates to Infuse/advice is super appreciated. Seems like a crazy situation to be in with very popular app, popular streaming device, popular TV and likely popular soundbar!

Thank you in advance, all.

Unfortunately the Apple TV doesn’t support bitstream. This isn’t a limitation of infuse but affects all apps. This means that atmos coming from Blu-ray rips isn’t supported. Only eac3 (DD+) like what steaming apps use for atmos is supported. You will still get the full lossless audio TrueHD minus atmos through LPCM though.

This comes to the second issue. The C9 does not support multichannel 5.1/7.1 LPCM over eARC. Only stereo is supported. This is a known limitation that is supposed to fixed in a future LG update in the next month or two. Once that comes you will be able to do everything except blu-ray atmos with Apple TV.

I cannot comment on the Sonos arc supports but it would need to take advantage of LPCM, otherwise you would have to down convert everything to DD5.1

Do you reckon Apple TV 4K is a bit shite in this scenario then? I’m thinking of ridding and getting an Nvidia Shield instead?

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According to this article the Arc does not support multichannel pcm or DTS. These are really designed for streaming atmos. For 4K Blu-ray most things are Atmos, but if you have a lot of regular blu-ray content there is a good mix of DTS content so you would lose that.

Not sure how well the Sonos does reproducing any hi def content so you might not lose too much. Make sure to get a shield pro if you want because it needs extra processing/memory for 4K and DV. I personally am considering just a 4K Blu-ray player as the ATV and Infuse does a great job for everything else.