Infuse lag on apple tv 4K


First of all know that I use google translate because I am French.

I contact you because I have a problem … annoying.

I have a 2017 apple tv 4K with an HDMI 2.0 cable.

When I download a 4K movie in my media server (freebox, it’s a French company), well I can play my movie perfectly

Most of the 4K movies I play are at 50 / 60mb / s.

Only, I just bought myself a Canon EOS R6 and I am filming in 4K 60. The speed is around 350mb / s

As a result, I have lag in the infused application when I read my files from the Canon (file on the hard drive of the box)

I thought to myself this must be from the hard drive which cannot keep up with the speed but I tested an SSD drive and … same problem …

I decide to test on an Apple TV 4K 2021 with an HDMI 2.1 cable and still the same problem.

This is not from my server because even VLC plays the files without any issues. Except that the image of VLC with an HDR file is rather bland.

So I think the buffer is not well set to infuse well I’m not sure …

Thanks for your help !

Make sure you use Ethernet direct from server to Apple TV and your server needs to be plex or ftp. Other types will be too slow to play 350mbps. I don’t think I’ve heard of playing bitrates this high with Apple TV before. UHD Blu-ray is 128mbps and heard of there going towards 200.

thank you so much ! i have selected “freebox player” but i see “freebox player (upnp)” and i selected this just for try and now it’s ok :slight_smile: what is upnp ? thank you

Universal Plug and Play

The big problem with using it with Infuse is that you won’t get many of the Library features and other benefits that are at the core of Infuse.

Usually SMB or FTP will give you sufficient speed to play most files and are much preferred over UPnP.

As munpip214 said, the more you can use wired connections such as Ethernet to the ATV will go a long way into solving speed issues.

I don’t think that SMB with Apple TV can get beyond maybe 250mbps which will not be sufficient with bitrates (350) needed by the OP.

I don’t have any problems with 300 + MBPS averages on SMB. It handles speeds around 450+ without glitches for me over Ethernet.

You are the first I’ve noticed with speeds that fast over SMB. :slight_smile:
Regardless, plex and ftp have less overheard than SMB there is a higher chance those will work.