Infuse/LaCIE/Itunes Video



I’m planning to buy infuse pro but i have a question before.


I plan to store all my bought itunes videos on my Lacie Networkspace 2. All videos have DRM protection on them, of course. I’vve just read that your app can play M4V videos, that suggests it’s possible to read itunes protected videos. So, can you confirm that, i can read using a streaming method all my videos who are on my Lacie NAS through your app please ?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Infuse does not currently support DRM protected content. Sorry.

Thank you for your answer.

Do you plan to develop it if it’s possible ?

It’s something we’d like to add, but (at least for now) Apple does not provide any kind of API for playing DRM content outside of the native player.