Infuse keeps waking up Nas from hibernation

I have two Apple TV 4K with Infuse installed, both have access to my Synology Nas.
My problem is that the Apple TV’s wakes up my Nas from hibernation several times during the day.
From the Nas log files I can tell that it is the Apple TV’s that logs in and out.
Can I do anything to prevent this?

You can turn off the background refresh in the ATV settings Under General > Usage > Background App Refresh and turn off Infuse.

That should cut out most of the NAS hits unless you have Infuse open.

That will however mean you’ll have to wait for Infuse to do update checks when you launch it each time and that may take a couple of minutes.

I’ve had zero problems with my Synology having Infuse query it every few hours or so. I can’t see it being a problem for the NAS. Many people turn off the hibernation all together so the disks spin all the time.


I will give it a shot, thanks :slight_smile:

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