Infuse keeps scanning library


I’m having a little trouble with my Infuse. Maybe some of you can tell me if it’s my setup, or maybe a bug in Infuse?

When I’m going to watch something in my Infuse app, I just see the “loading circle” and nothing starts to play. If I go back to the main menu, I can see that Infuse wants to scan my library. It can scan for hours and nothing happens… but if I disconnect my harddrives from my network (where the files are stored) and reconnect them it only takes seconds before it’s done scanning the library.

Currently I have two Apple TVs… one with Infuse 5, the other with Infuse 4. Both with same problem…
It seems like the connection is fine when the library is scanned. But when I start watching on the other TV, or just the day after, the same problem appears. I have to restart my harddrives before I can get Infuse to stop scanning and finally play my movies.

My setup is:

  • Apple TimeCapsule with latest firmware
  • 2 x Western Digital MyBook harddrives (connected directly to TimeCapsule with powered USB-hub)
  • 2 x Apple TV (4. generation) …Infuse 4 + Infuse 5 (both connected to wifi)

These issues started to appear about 1-2 months ago… and have never seen these problems before.
Hope some of you can help me :slight_smile:

I am not saying that your setup cannot work but in my experience Time Capsules are a pain and not recommended by many to use as media drives. They are a great router and as a backup solution for which they are designed.

I’m using the TC’s build-in harddrive to back-up my Macs.
All of my movie-library is located on my two external harddrives, which is connected to the TC with a powered USB-hub.

Do you think my problem is my hardware? The Time Capsule? :slight_smile:

In general, Time Capsules and Airport Extremes usually work just fine.

If you are able to send in a report from your device (if the issue appears again) we’d be happy to look into it further.

I think the difference between TCs smb and afp sharing and e.g… a Mac directly is the bandwith and or some other spec. Also the usb connector is 2.0 which should probably be adequate but its a combination of these that it is often preferred to use a NAS or Mac directly.
Anyway, hope James can help you sort it out.

I’m back on track!

The cause? I don’t know yet… I decided to switch back to Infuse 4, which worked without any problem. I have reinstalled Infuse 5, and for now it seems to work.
If I get any problems I’ll send you some diagnostics info :slight_smile: