Infuse keeps refetching all content from emby server

No matter how many times i do it every time I start the infuse7 on Apple TV 4K it keeps refetching / indexing all of the content from emby server.

Also I tried creating playlist few times it never saves it, not sure if it’s related

Is Infuse completing the fetch? If you start Infuse and go to the Settings > Library you’ll see the status on the left side. If you wait till it shows the “Last Updated…” message then the next time you start Infuse it should only scan for changes.

The other possibility is you’re getting the cache cleared do to limited space on the ATV. Are you getting any notification when you start Infuse that the cache was cleared and will be rebuilt?

Yes I wait till it finishes scanning the whole library, no errors, I get last updated but still after I start infuse again it starts downloading the whole thing again.
No errors about cache or any notifications that it needs to be rebuilt when I start

Does it give you any totals on the Library settings page under Movies, TV Shows, Other?

Yes it gives me full totals

Can you check to see if the InfuseSync plugin has been installed on your Emby server?

Having this installed will dramatically cut down on how much scanning Infuse needs to do, and will allow for new content to appear in Infuse almost instantly.

Note: Plugins can be installed on Emby by an admin user, and a server restart will be required.


Plug-in is not installed and I don’t have admin access to it, Are you saying that plug-in is required for infuse to work ?