Infuse Keeps Opening Music App

This is really strange, but over the past few weeks when I play an item in Infuse Apple Music opens up and the video won’t play until I close Apple Music. This happens with every single video I attempt to play within infuse. Anyone have any thoughts?

How are you trying to open the file? Are you double clicking on the video file, dropping it on Infuse, or are you trying to play it from within Infuse via a share you’ve set up?

That’s really interesting, I had an issue the other day where my iPad kept playing music via Apple Music. I NEVER play music on my iPad and in the end I deleted the default Music App to prevent it opening. Not sure I was using Infuse at the time, but its interesting all the same.

I’m double clicking the video file in Infuse. All of my files are hosted through a Plex share on my home network. This only started over the past few weeks.

Are you actually in the Infuse app or are you in the Mac finder? You can’t really double click on a video file in Infuse.

What happens if you single click on a video in the Infuse app and then click on the play button?

I’m actually in the infuse app. However, I restarted my Mac and now everything seems to be working fine. That was so weird! Guess I should’ve tried that first. I could’ve sworn I restarted it at least once over the past week or so. Thanks so much for your responses though.


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