Infuse keeps closing

I am using Infuse on Apple TV 4k and I think it is great, not yet subscribed, but, if I can get a solution to this problem then definitely.

The problem is, if I am watching a video, and I stop it, but leave Infuse open, when I come back to my Apple TV the following day, Infuse has closed and I am back at the main screen for the Apple TV.

When I say closed, it is still running in the background so, if I open it using the App switcher, it then immediately goes back to the Infuse main home screen.

This can be frustrating when I am watching a TV series and have to navigate back to the show, then season, then episode I was watching, if I can even remember which episode.

Fine, it resumes from where I left off, but, I would like to go back to my Apple TV later, the following day, and for Infuse to be at where I left it.

This does not seem to happen with any other Apps I am using.

Hmm, Infuse should allow you to simply resume the video when re-entering the app.

Are you exiting the video, pausing it, or simply exiting the app? Can you try both pausing and just exiting the app without pausing to see if either makes a difference for you?

Thats the thing, I am not exiting the app at all. I exit the video, but remain within the folder structure of the episode, then just turn my TV to watch normal TV. When I come back the next day, the Apple TV is back to the main screen.