Infuse, iXpand, and large file

I searched old discussion threads and decided to post a new thread to get some advice. I’m using iPad mini 4 (128GB), Infuse Pro, and Sandisk iXpand.

(1) Usually I saved movie files (MKV and Bluray) in iXpand. Although my iPad has plenty of space available, I find out that only MKV movies in iXpand can be copied to Infuse but Bluray cannot. In metadata page, the down arrow is disabled for all bluray movies. Is it because the total size is too big? or I forget to set something in iPad or in Infuse.
(2)From my understanding, there are two image associating with Metadata. One is the folder, and the other one is the big image of each movie? Can or how can I change the big image?

Are these Blu-ray folders by chance? Unfortunately transferring/downloading folders is not currently supported.

The background image is referred to as ‘fanart’ and can be changed by adding an image with ‘-fanart’ added at the end of the name, just before the file extension.

E.G. Inception-2010.mkv and Inception-2010-fanart.jpg

A bit more info on the options for overriding artwork and other metadata can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Hi Thank you for the information

Ummm…not sure what you refer to, but all MKV folders in IXPAND can be copied to Infuse. Only Bluray folders cannot.

OK Thanks I will try.

Unfortunately transferring or downloading folder based videos (E.G. BDMV, VIDEO_TS, etc…) is not currently supported, but is on our radar to address in an upcoming version. MKV, MP4, AVI, etc… files (even if they’re in their own folder) are ok since it’s just a single file being downloaded.

I have the iXpand. Works great except constantly isn’t recognised when connecting it. Have to hard reset to get it to be recognised. I think your problem is file size. IXpand is formatted in fat32 so the limit of file size is 4gb. Fine for most tv episodes but a decent movie is usually more than that. There are apps around to split large mov, vob, ts files.