Infuse is now using TMDB for TV shows

As of 7.1, Infuse now relies on TV show metadata provided by TMDB.

Why was this change made?

In previous versions, Infuse was using data from TheTVDB. In late 2020, TheTVDB announced a number of changes, namely that all data access would be locked behind a paywall. For Infuse, this wasn’t necessarily a problem as we have had a paid agreement in place with them for quite some time. However, the change would have a big impact on many other projects which aren’t structured in a way to accommodate such an agreement.

At the same time, TheTVDB released a new version of their API which was a dramatic departure from the previous version, and accessing TheTVDB data using this new API would be required starting on October 1, 2021.

So we were left with a choice. Spend a lot of time updating the TV fetching integration to use the new API from TheTVDB, or look at something else.

Transitioning to TMDB

After much internal discussion and data comparison, we came to the conclusion that TMDB’s current TV show data was nearly on par with TheTVDB, and TMDB would soon become the superior option for TV shows. Many users who had been contributing to TheTVDB in the past were now contributing to TMDB instead, and this would continue to increase as other apps like Jellyfin, Trakt, and many others fully transitioned to TMDB before the October 1st cutoff. (Kodi has been using TMDB as their default TV show provider since 2018).

To ease the transition, we designed the 7.1 update to update all existing series with TMDB data, and in most cases this is entirely automatic without any manual changes required.

However, as good as the TMDB data is now, there are of course going to be a few quirks and differences between the two services.

My series is not listed on TMDB

There are some cases where a title may have been added as a series on TheTVDB when maybe it shouldn’t have been. One example of this would be Looney Tunes which is listed as a series on TheTVDB, but in reality is a set of short films which appear as movies on TMDB, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

To workaround this, you can rename a TV episode to be a movie.

For Example

Looney Tunes S1948 E19 - Haredevil Hare.mp4

Changes to:

Haredevil Hare.mp4

My series has different episode numbers on TMDB

TMDB makes a great effort to gather data from primary sources to determine the most accurate information for movies and TV shows. This means there may be some differences between how certain episodes in a series are numbered. One example of this would be Miami Vice Season 1 which has 22 episodes on TMDB, IMDb, and NBC, while TheTVDB has episode 1 split into 2 parts for a total of 23 episodes.

My series has missing info and/or artwork

If the series is available on TMDB, but is missing some info then there are few ways to resolve this.

  1. Sign up for a free account on TMDB and add the missing info/artwork. The changes will automatically appear in Infuse in about 1 day
  2. Post a thread in the Metadata section of our forum with some info on the series you are seeing issues with
  3. Open a support case and provide info on the series you are seeing issues with

We’re also continuing to work on improving a few aspects of this transition, and resolve any issues that come up. We’re extremely grateful for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

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