Infuse is not handling font variants correctly with SSA subs

I’ve had a long-tme problem with how Infuse is handling styled subtitles with embedded fonts that have variants like bold and italics. For example, if I have subtitles with lines that are italicized and the font choice has an italic variant, I’ll embed the regular and italic variants in my files. This works fine in Plex, but when Infuse sees these, it ignores the regular font and renders all the text with the italic variant. Attached are a couple screen shots. The line seen is NOT supposed to be italicized. The first one, from Plex, renders it correctly. The second one, from Infuse, has it italicized incorrectly. This problem is on both the iOS and ATV versions of Infuse.

Well I’ve identified the problem. I was reviewing more of my media and found that I wasn’t having this problem with every font, just a couple specific ones. It turns out that is has to do with how the embedded font is named. Here’s an example:


If I simply remove the hyphen and re-embed the fonts, the problem goes away. So Infuse apparently is simply being tripped up by the presence of the hyphen.

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