Infuse is not deleting .srt files anymore

Parallell to our video files we normally also have a .srt file in the same name as the video file.
When deleting the movie/TV file from infuse it has also deleted the .srt file but since the last infuse update the .srt file remains while the video file as before is properly deleted. Not a huge problem but the .srt files need to be deleted manually from my Synology NAS.

Any new settings I have missed?

I don’t have such issue, the .srt will be auto deleted whenever I delete any movies / TV series via Infuse. I just tested it and checked the NAS today.

There is no settings to turn on other than the File Management in Infuse.

I’m using Infuse Pro 5.6.3 with tvOS 11.2 and Synology NAS.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Synology 916+ over SMB and WiFi