Infuse is having trouble playing a TV series correctly

Hi Firecore.

Infuse is having trouble playing a TV series correctly. The series in question is Hart To Hart beginning with season 3. What happens is the screen locks up on the title, you hear sound however the menu does not move. From then, when I push forward to the next chapter, it goes to another frame, I hear sound but no video. This problem began shortly after I updated Infuse to version 5.5. This problem only affects Infuse as I have tried other apps such as VLC on the ATV 4 and no issue and I have tested the video files on the Amazon Fire with no issue.

Even after several Infuse updates the problem persists.

Another problem I came across is metadata gathering. I have two series that Infuse is having trouble locating the correct metadata information. The series are ‘The Best Of Donny And Marie’ and the other is ‘The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries’. For whatever reason, Infuse either doesn’t understand what it’s looking at or cannot read the embedded metadata that Subler has provided when I encoded the files originally.

Other than that, this is a pretty good app.

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If this is only affecting a few of your videos, it could be helpful to upload a sample we can review here.

With regarding to metadata matching, do you have the Metadata Fetching option enabled in Infuse? Are you using one of the recommended naming styles described in this guide?

I uploaded the TV episode to the link you provided. Again, this has been an ongoing peculiar problem that is isolated as far as I know to only this series. I am not sure why.

And as far as naming, I go by: TV show, Season and then episode:

Hart To Hart Season 5 Episode 1.mp4 for example. I do it this way and use Subler to correctly find the metadata for all shows although sometimes as in the case of two shows I currently have I have stumbled.

Got your sample, thanks!

We’ll take a deeper look at what may be going on here.