Infuse is duplicating my library

Place it in a season folder called “Season 0” ( or “Specials” also works ) and number it S00E01, eg,

 Season 0/Star Trek S00E01 The Cage.mkv
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Outstanding! Glad you got it sorted out.

Like @remotevisitor said, that Star Trek episode is a “Special” and if you create a “Season 00” folder and label the episode as suggested (Star Trek S00E01 The Cage.mkv) it will dial right in.

Wonderful. My collection has all been fixed and sorted again. The Star Trek Episode updated instantly after I applied the new changes. Thanks everyone for your splendid help :sparkling_heart: I cannot express how happy and how grateful I am for everyone’s help :heart_eyes:


Feel free to let us know if you run across any more glitches. Glad to help. :+1:

I have ran into one small problem. I have added my bedroom and my brothers bedroom Apple TV again. Now it has began duplicating. Only 3 of each. I believe that adding the share on each Apple TV is causing duplicates, how do I stop this ?

All is good. I found out that I can set the snapshot settings to hidden, it will no longer interfere with my movies :relaxed:

So that cured the issue with the two new ATVs too from this post of yours?

Just didn’t want to leave you hanging. :wink:

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