Infuse is confusing which movies are in which folders (hard drive source)


I am using Infuse 5 Pro on Apple Tv 4th Gen. It’s been working great all along - we use it to watch movies that are stored on a networked hard drive.

Today, I turned on the TV and Apple Tv to watch a movie, and now my “Favourites” folders in Infuse (Action, Drama, New etc) do not list the actual movies that are in those folders on the hard drive. Ex: The “Drama” folder is only showing one movie, but there are actually about 150 movies in it. The “New” folder should only show new movies I have recently copied to the drive, and yet is only has a couple of the newer movies, and a pile of older movies and TV shows that are all in different folders (and many of those are not in the same folders).

Just so it’s clear - Infuse is NOT showing the movies that are in the actual folders - they are all mixed up in Infuse - Comedy folder has movies from drama folder, action folder, some episodes of random TV series, etc. And so on. All of the Favourites folders are messed up. Yet, on the network drive, all the movies are in the proper folders.

I tried uninstalling Infuse Pro and reinstalling; tried rebooting Apple TV; tried rebooting the network hard drive. And yet, Infuse continues to be Confused.

Any help would be appreciated - it is seriously broken ATM!


What sort of connection are you using (eg SMB, DNLA, FTP, WebDAV, etc)?

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Have you tried removing the shares in Infuse and adding them again? Maybe just try with one share first, and see if all the others follow.

Uninstalling, if the iCloud sync is active, shouldn’t help much, one should get back the libraries as they were.

Are these Favorite folders created from Infuse’s Library, or from your share’s folders?

Also, if you are using UPnP or DLNA the server can often times reshuffle things when you add or remove content, so things can appear out of whack for a bit until it gets everything sorted out. One way to avoid this would be to connect using SMB or NFS, if possible.