Infuse iPhone dropping frames with judder

Hello, any video I play produced juddering and dropped frames on any format and resolution used, when panning or movement it skips frames. Clearing cache solves it for 10 minutes then it skips frames again.

Which model iPhone do you have and which version of iOS?

Do you have auto-brightness or low power options enabled?

Can you send in a report from your device and post the code it gives you here?


on latest iOS and latest Infuse, I realized, that sometimes the playback on normal iPhone 15 (not Pro), so @60Hz, is sometimes not smooth - kind of laggy for some seconds…

Does anybody can confirm that?

I have an IPhone 15 Plus iOS 17.4.1 every non hdr file I play will have juddering and frame drops, hdr files are fine but with judder sometimes when panning, VLC or internal player is fine.

If you’re able to send in one of the files which is showing this behavior we can take a look into what may be going on.

This happens with (almost) all content. Not with a special file at all.

Didn‘t had that on my 13 and also not on 15P @ TrueMorion on.

When disabling TM on 15P (down to 60Hz in Accessibility) Infuse starts juddering.

Re-enabling TM: no juddering.

@james file uploaded, at 15:42 there is panning judder it’s worse in infuse than native iOS player or VidHub and VLC, it’s also consistent in any h.264/ hevc sdr files or slightly better with HDR but more persistent with SDR in 60hz screens on my 15 Plus

Sorry, “ProMotion” …

There is also frame drops every time I bring up the playback ui during video playback.

@james any update on this issue?