Infuse iOS App not grabbing latest MetaData/Artwork from TMDB

Infuse App is not grabbing any updated Metadata from TMDB. I have tried reinstalling the Infuse app also but that does not grab it either, I have tried to clear current metadata and re download it that doesn’t work either, and I have also tried on different devices.

Example: Artwork is on a Movie listing on TMDB, Infuse will grab all other MetaData about the Movie not the Artwork.

Do you by chance have Embedded Metadata turned on?

Is it all movies or just a few? If just a few could you provide the file name?

Embedded Metadata is NOT on. It is just a few movies not all.

Some Movies:

These movies have artwork on TMDB and the artwork does NOT come to Infuse. I try to do Edit Metadata and that does not even pull the Artwork. The metadata/artwork loads on PlayerXtreme and Kodi just fine.

What do you have set for language on metadata?

Can you provide a movie name that is showing the right metadata?

Metadata language is set to Auto.

Few moments after I sent my last message the Artwork for the 3 movies linked appeared after I cleared/deleted Metadata under general and let it download again. I have done this before and it did not work. However Only those 3 artwork came, not any others that where missing Artwork?

Instead of deleting all of the metadata, try doing an Edit Metadata for each of the movies that isn’t showing artwork and select the correct choice again. It may take a minute or two for Infuse to get all of the artwork for each lately since the internet is dragging a bit due to the current global situation.

Yes I have tried that but even after selecting the correct one and waiting an extensive amount of time it still doesn’t show. It is very random that it is not working however for other apps such as PlayerXtreme and Kodi it works instantly.

Same here with a turkish show named Sahsiyet. Despite there is the show on TMB, Infuse do not match metadate.

TV shows are pulled from thetvdb, not themoviedb. Can you provide how you have the file named? Sahsiyet or Persona.

I’d still like to see how you have the files named. I’m aware that the show is also on thetvdb.

Sahsiyet 01.mkv

You probably will have better luck with naming them Sahsiyet S01E01.mkv

Thetvdb has it’s best results with this format.

I tested this naming form and it worked. Only draw back for me is I have my settings for English and there are no posters for English, only Turkish so if you’re settings are for Turkish you should be good to go.

Will try. My settings are in English as well. Thanks!

As a side note, you can join thetvdb and since it’s user supported you can add a poster and set it for English and then you’ll have all the artwork available.