Infuse in the car

My family is about to go on a 24 hour road trip. I’m looking at a way to play some movies for the kids in the car. I have a few options. I ordered a HooToo Filehub Wireless Travel router from Amazon. It comes with an app you can load on your iPad or iPhone and watch videos from a hard drive you attach to the router. I am a Plex Pass member and could load all of the movies we want on our iPad through Plex and then use that as a ‘server’ sharing the videos with the other devices that are attached to the same network created by the Travel Router. The third option is one I am hoping can work. Could I use Infuse to play those movies that I have loaded on the external hard drive and attached to the travel router? I have always used Plex as my Infuse back end, so I’m not really sure on how to load videos from just an external hard drive. Which option do you think might be my best bet? Or have I missed something? We will have one iPad Pro with lots of storage and 5 iPhones with limited storage.

If the travel router has SMB sharing then you should be good to go. Add the travel router as an SMB share in infuse and that should be it.