Infuse Icon Needs One Thing

How about adding the version number to the app icon on apple TV so you can tell the difference between 4 and 5?

Just add a number 5 to the icon and it’d be a big help.

Agree please add version number

Ugly. Less is more. Doubt most people will use both 4 and 5, at least not for very long. Could always rearrange apps on home screen to tell, 4 on left side, 5 on right side, add a custom folder pic inside each app even. Problem solved.

Using that mind set all apps should replace their icons with a simple single color dot or square. That would meet your “less is more” ideal.

A single icon is fine if you have a single updating app but with the new model that firecore is going to then this will be an issue every major update. Having the same icon will continue to make it difficult for family members that aren’t as tech savvy to use.

Burying the icon in a named folder is the definition of kludge. Adding folders to clarify naming issues is ridiculous. If you don’t like it then you could create a single folder and put all of your ugly icons apps in that folder.

A simple single digit added to the icon in a complimentary font would in no way make it “ugly” and would allow for multiple versions for those of us who wish to evaluate before dumping an app. There may be features that a person likes that firecore decides to discontinue with a major version update and having two versions of infuse would allow all to have their choice.

Also when the icon is highlighted in the main Apple TV window it should be labeled “Infuse 5” not just infuse for the same reasons above.

When you go to the model of not staying with one app employing updates and you move to having an all new app for major updates then naming in an integral part.

Lol I hear you, but what you’re saying… that’s the opposite of what they’re doing now. We see they’re pushing for a single subscription model app with no need for seperate versioned app releases, right? And apparently most all users go for that, so version numbers have never been less important and more distracting. And you can’t fault them for following all the good design principles Apple really demands. The logo is clean and aesthetically pleasing to me (maybe you disagree, it’s subjective), it’s pretty distinctive from the competition, against a white background its high contrast, pretty bold and visually accessible (the colourblind won’t have problems with colours blending in). All those positives, if the only possible fault is the absence of a piece of information like version number then that’s not much. I do think it’d ruin the design and be aesthetically unpleasing for the majority who don’t need to know, all for the sake of a few utilitarian users who may temporarily be using legacy and current app interchangeably (how long will that realistically be the case if the user paid to upgrade lol). I recall reading somewhere a year ago that market research found users actually navigate as much (if not more) by muscle memory (where app icons are placed in relation to other apps) as to actually visually identifying the logo. Placing the apps in different spots is enough apparently for most people’s brains. So yeah, I wouldn’t ask an artist to compromise their own work in the first place, but especially when it doesnt add much for everyone, or in my opinion would even hurt the image and make users stay in the antiquated mindset of software version numbers and the habit of delaying on paid upgrades (ah I’ll stay on windows 7, it’s only 3 less than windows 10 Amirite? [badjoke]).