Infuse iCloud sync is not working for me

I have ATV 4K, ipad air 2 and iphone XR.

Qnap NAS is serving media from same source to LAN (SMB) and to WAN (SFTP). I have iCloud sync enabled and latest version on all infuse 6s.

I would like this to work so when watching media, be it outside of a home or inhome, playback progress would update to all devices.

Now this isn’t working and at the same time I have a problem of settings changes across all devices. For example if I want to have ATV inhome to have SMB shares as favorites, the same happens to mobile devices, which should not happen (they should have SFTP). Or if I remove SFTP share altogether from ATV, it is removed from mobile devices too etc.

If iCloud sync is just about getting exactly same settings for all devices, fine I don’t use it. However, in my opinion, this should aim to be like Netflix. No matter the devices, best playback option is chosen and regardless of location, progress and all other playback details like subtitles are being synced.

Are there going to be changes or options for iCloud sync or should I just forget sync across all devices on Infuse?

Sorry for the confusion.

Currently, watched statuses will only sync between devices for files on the same share. However, we are working to enable cross-device syncing, so everything will stay in sync even if you are using multiple shares.

In the meantime, if you login to Trakt on all your devices you will be able to keep watched history in progress between multiple shares.

With regard to having different shares displayed on different devices. The shares themselves will sync via iCloud to all your devices, however you can pick and choose which favorites are included in the library based on the device type. For example, you can select a certain set of favorites for your Apple TVs, and another set for your mobile devices. This will effectively allow you to seamlessly access SMB content on Apple TV, but SFTP on mobile.

Ok good to know, that this is being worked on! Thanks!

Regarding to comment on different favorites are possible on different devices, that is how it should work. However, the default shouldn’t be IMO that same settings are applied to all devices. Be it changing favorites, removing share etc. this what happens to me at least. It’s very annoying to change settings on all devices once you change something.