Infuse huge capacity

I got 44gb in the app document and data.
However i try to offload and reinstall and off and on phone. The capacity still the same. And suggestion i can lower the capacity.

Did you download some videos to the device? Check the recently deleted folder.

May i know where to find the Recent delete folder?


I think i found it.

Is that in your files app or photos?

Is this file app you’re refering?

Yes if you open that app and then click browse there should be folders with the files on your device from infuse.

I have checked. Nothing with infuse.

Have any idea when you deleted the files? In previous versions (<7.5.2, pre April 18) infuse would tell the system to delete but it wouldn’t (iOS 16 bug) so now infuse will move the deleted files to recently deleted folder in files and you can delete from there. If you deleted these a while ago you may have to try filling up your device with something else to force a purge or worst case you have to reset your phone to reclaim the data.

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I have never delete them before. Except after finish viewing the video. Hold and delete specific video like this

Was this done before the date 2023-04-18 which is when Infuse 7.5.2 was released with a fix for deleted files?

I think is after the infuse became remove then (delete).
If not it would be even more.
Do you think if i delete the app and reinstall the storage space will free up 44gb?

It might, but based on others sometimes this doesn’t fix it. I would try deleting it, then restarting and see. Then if it is returned you can reinstall.

Surprisingly i did the offload and delete the app. Restart the phone. And seems like it turns out well.

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Does your overall settings app show all the space move to other? Instead of being part of Infuse?

just the infuse

I just faced this and after no luck with any solution ifound here, by chance I saw this section " Iphone settings > general > iphone storage > on my phone" you’ll find it between your apps. Just press empty trash and all your recent deleted files will erased and capacity reclaimed.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
In “Files” apps, I remove all “recently deleted” files, but it was not enough.

With you tip, I found all old synced media with Infuse (that did not appear in Infuse anymore as I already removed them). I click “empty trash” and it works.


I’m glad it helped.


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