Infuse Home Screen Layout

While I appreciate advanced customization options, I’m also a very minimalist person, so I keep the focus of my Infuse home screen limited to the bare essentials.

That said, here are my two cents:

I would like to hide all categories from the home screen but, unfortunately, the Library category cannot be hidden. If I need search options, the search button at the top-left works just fine.

The Library category (by itself) is only centered horizontally when displayed with the Up Next List. If I disable the Up Next List and display just Recently Added, for example, on the home screen, the Library category is left-aligned. I think it looks better centered.

I like the Up Next List because of the larger preview thumbnails. I have the Up Next List set to display only recently added content, but I prefer the official artwork rather than the images shown in the Up Next List. I would like bigger thumbnails for favorites (Recently Added, Unwatched, All Movies), or at least the option to customize thumbnail display size.

If I turn off the Up Next List, I would still like to be able to see its content when hovering over the Infuse app icon from the main Apple TV home screen.

Ideally, I would like to show just Recently Added content with big thumbnails of official artwork (or the option to choose official artwork or the other images). It would also like to hide all categories from the home screen, including Library as this can be accessed in search. I would also like to hide the Up Next list without hiding it from the “Top Shelf” of the Apple TV home screen.

Does not Settings → Library → Show Library allow you to toggle whether the Library is shown or not?

Whenever i go to any folder it shows me the list of movies or shows, but it doesn’t show recommendations or recently added movies within that folder. It shows on the home screen but why can’t it shows in particular folder. I hope i ’ m not missing any setting if yes then plz suggest what to do or else plz make a change in infuse.

Though Plex stock app shows all that

I’m talking about the Library icon in the favorites menu on the home screen. If I hide the library in settings, it hides all my content across the board.