Infuse "home" screen annoyance, layout

So, on the initial Infuse home screen, the top row is recently added, and just below that is “Favorites”. This is my issue.

I am connecting to SMB shares. So, I create a favorite share under settings. The share name is, well, “Movies”. So, I go back to the home screen, and under favorites, I see:

Movies TV Shows Other and, again Movies. I don’t want to see movies listed twice, people don’t get it. I realize they are different as one is a folder view. In IOS Infuse though, the favorite shares are listed on a separate tab, which makes more sense.

Is there a current way around this, to hide something, etc.? The TVOS layout not making sense.

Am a lifetime owner, and happy I am.

In “Movies” I see all movies in my different favourites. I hide the favorites with long press, hide favorite (the folder view)

Try going to Library > Movies > Then long press on “All Movies” and select “Remove form Favorites”

Or I think you can also just long press on the one you don’t want on the home screen and select “Remove Favorite”

That works, just wished it has a separate section like IOS does, I do like to briwse by my folder structure but putting it in the same section of the display makes it too confusing.

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