Infuse HEVC decoding performance and battery life (iPhone 6S)


A few weeks ago I started to test Infuse to play HEVC files.
The test file is: 1080p, HEVC x265 1142 Kbps 8bits (video), AC3 6 channels (224 Kbps).
I was very surprised to see that the battery just drained while playing this file on iPhone 6S and Infuse Pro 4.1.1.
I’ve run a few tests with the same file and other video players and here are the battery results:

-Infuse: -27% battery in 17 min
-Cnx Player: -1% in 17min ( )
-ABC Player: -7% in 17 min (

Looks like something is wrong with h265 implementation on Infuse :frowning: I know h265 is very CPU-consuming when no hardware support but If others can do better, I’d love to see my favorite player do the same.

Could you please let me know if this is something you’re aware of and if it will be fixed on an upcoming release?

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Same problem here.
iPhone 6s is burning up when I am watching Game of Thrones 1080p hevc x265.
I need to use an external battery while I am watching otherwise my phone is dead before I finished the episode.

Almost 3 months later, still no news on this issue?

Ran a similar test on my iPhone 6s, 20 minutes for the following video file:

Video 1,440 Kbps, 1920x800 at 23.976 fps, HEVC Main@L4
Audio 164 Kbps, 48.0KHz, 2 channels, AAC (LC)

CnX (v1.4.8) -5%
InFuse (v4.2) -12%

I also tried to test both players with a 1080p x265 10-bit mkv video file and while InFuse would play it without a problem, CnX couldn’t play it at all.

Correct, tried a 10bit x265 file myself and Cnx Player can’t open it… maybe in a near future?
Anyways the point isn’t comparing features between players but only battery efficiency with x265 decoding :frowning:

Gotcha, InFuse is by far my favorite player because of the functionality and interface. When I saw your test I was curious if somehow CnX was able to tap into the HEVC decoding hardware on the PowerVR cores.

Here’s another datapoint. The Jellyfish Bitrate Test files at

I’ve tried InFuse 4.2 with the 5mbps and it was able to keep up. At 10mbps it freezes
I’ve tried CnX up to 50mbps and it played flawlessly.

All 8-bit just to keep it applicable for both decoders. So, the CnX can handle at least 10 times the HEVC bitrate that InFuse can.

Another datapoint on my Late 2013 Haswell i5 MBPr, VLC can’t even play the 25mbps file. I’m not sure what CnX is doing, but being able to play 50mbps on a A9 without stutters, is pretty impressive.

Yet another datapoint. Tried the Jellyfish HEVC files with my iPad Air


Infuse 4.2 Freezes
CnX Plays without problem


Infuse 4.2 Freezes
CnX Plays without problem

My understanding is that the PowerVR cores that have hardware decoding for h.265 didn’t arrive until the Apple A8. The iPad Air has an A7 chip.

I can confirm that HEVC codecs chew up battery life at an alarming rate. Any updates or plans from the team?