Infuse has the most unreliable SMB (Samba) support of any app

I have nFuse 6 pro lifetime. I regret the purchase, for the past two months (since purchase) I never use it. Whenever I first try to browse a Samba share it shows a wait cursor or times out for several minutes. After several minutes sometimes the shares start to load and I’m fine until the app gets closed from memory and the entire process waiting/timeout game begins again on next start. The files app loads up and accesses SMB shares with 0 lag/timeouts. Another competing video player I bought also connects immediately and flawlessly over Samba, so does VLC and so does a file manager I use. All have 0 issues with Samba. I’ve tried all SMB protocol levels in nFuse, none of it matters. Running iPad Mini 5 with iOS 13.4.1. Both my shares are on Windows 10 computers, one over 802.11ac another wired over gigabit Ethernet. Both computers have 0 issues with any other app and with each other for SMB shares.

Sorry for the trouble, this definitely isn’t expected or typical.

Is your Windows PC going into sleep mode at any time by chance? One thing that may help with this is to add the PC’s MAC address into Infuse, as this will allow Infuse to use Wake-on-LAN (WoL) to wake devices quickly.

More info on finding your PC’s MAC address can be found here (note, you PC will have a different MAC address for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, so you’ll want to pick the one your PC is using).

No, both PCs are on 24 hours 7 days a week, all automatic sleep modes have been disabled, the computers are fully on and no other smb client has issues connecting to them.

If this happens again, can you send in a report so we can look into this?

Reports can be sent in by using Settings > Email Us (iOS) or Settings > Submit Diagnostics (Apple TV).

Just post the 5 digit code it gives you here, and we can look deeper into what is going on.

Hi james,

My 5 digit code is QHAZR.

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Hi all, I’m having this effect from time to time on my atv too, when I want to access my favorite folders.
Sometimes the access is immediate, then in another folder it might take 30 seconds or it fails.
I’m not using any other app than infuse, so I can’t compare.
When it fails, I usually close infuse and also other apps, if there are many open in the background, and restart it. Then it’s ok.
Yes, that’s sometimes a little annoying. But compared to the fantastic job, infuse is doing, it’s not a showstopper for me.
However, if that problem could be solved, would be even better :-).

Unrelated new bug, but during testing I noticed if I offline my JellyFin server Infuse seems stuck trying to connect to it even though I’m not trying to. When I share a video file from the Files app it gives a wait cursor. Eventually it will get there, but if I bring my JellyFin server back online the delay via share from Files app doesn’t occur.

Update: I kept trying to do more testing and now Infuse seems to connect to my shares without delay, even between powering off and powering on my iPad. Hopefully this sticks, very odd, the only setting I changed anywhere during testing was giving login credentials to my second Samba server in VLC.

Thanks for the additional info.

We’re looking into what is going on here.

I am normally the complaining guy on these forums, but just wanted to say I was very surprised to see this title. In my experience Infuse’s SMB support is really excellent. I run Synology & Velop though.

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Quick update.

It looks like you have two SMB shares - Share ‘R’ and Share ‘S’. R runs without any issues. As for S, it disconnects randomly and causes trouble. These connection issues appear to be environment-specific, and I’d look into the S settings and availability first. It looks like you tried changing the SMB version for the R share, but this had limited to no effect as it’s the S share which is causing trouble. Switching S to the ‘Legacy’ SMB version might be worth a shot.

The SMB stack used by Infuse can work with multiple shares simultaneously, but only as long as they are all connected. The connection step itself is sequential, and this has some side effects. For example, when Infuse is connecting to Share-A, it won’t try Share-B until the first connection is either up or considered unavailable. A side effect of this is that things might feel slow if one of the shares is not feeling well. EG, Infuse might start connecting to an unavailable Share-A, while you’re trying to access a file on Share-B. In this case, there will be a spinning wheel until we give up on Share-A.

Hi James, thanks for the explanation. I had several old, unused shares in my share „pocket“. I erased all the unused. Had no time to check it. But I hope, this will cut the search time. I’ll give a feedback.
Thx :slight_smile:

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Ok, I found, it speeds up the opening of the shares very much.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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