Infuse Grab Wrong/Incomplete Metadata from


I haven’t find a related topic to my problem so I started a new. If it does exist, let’s merge my thread with it.
I have a problem with some series and these displayed name in Infuse.

#1 problem type:
There is a series let’s say “Columbo”.
This series has 10 season and one Extra season, regarding “” database, where Infuse check metadata.
I have used S00EXX naming convention for the extra season and S01E01…S01E02…S02E01…etc for the rest.
I have double checked all the series are named well and there is no missing episode.

The problem:
Infuse recognize the extra season and all the rest at the main view, but If I open “Specials” (Season00), the naming starts with the naming of the Season01… and Season01 starts with the naming of the Season02… so it seems Infuse just Ignore the Extra season… On Season10 where names are runs out, Infuse starts naming with a mixture of Season01 and other seasons again.

#2 problem type:
Other series are also named with S01E01…etc and Infuse also recignize them correctly, expect names…
On the TVDB database, each episode has an individual name such as " S01E01 - Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii (1)" in Series “Magnum P.I. (1980)”, but Infuse just do a following naming: “1. 1. Episode” however the whole series and episodes are recognized well by Infuse and the TVDB contains correct metadata, with full title for each episodes.

Metadata recheck not helped, I have completely rebuild an Infuse DB from a different iOS device with a different account… not helped… I have never used local metadata, always let Infuse to grab it from the Internet, most of the time it working, but in this case I have no idea what I could do.

Infuse no longer uses tvdb for any metadata. It is now using metadata for tv shows through TMDb.

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Thank you for this info. I have checked and the Columbo has a fewer episodes in themovidb, but Magnum P.I. seems okay.