Infuse / Google Team Drive

Im looking for insight here as I keep running into this issue. Im running the latest version of infuse, hosted up on a google drive account, have 100 meg internet plan (hitting around 110 meg down when the issue is occuring), and running a apple tv 4k hardwired. Randomly, when playing back some films (4k seems to be the trend) I get " A unknown error has occurred." I know this can happen when hitting quota but I test for playback on other devices and download directly from google which google always works and the other devices seem to be hit or miss. To make matters more confusing, I will go back to said video later in the day and it playback just fine. I’ve re indexed my library more times then I can count and can’t figure out why im getting this unknown error. The best guess I can seem to come up with is the buffering cache is getting overloaded on the app causing the playback error to occur. With that said I know Infuse 6 is suppose to have a huge host of features catered to google drive but the best we know of when that’s coming out is Q1 2019. Any help on this would be much much appreciated as I spent so so so much time uploading my files to google drive and ive been dealing with this for over a month now.

Side Note:

I went as far as trying a buddies connection with gigabyte internet to make sure I wasn’t the only one and with a apple tv 4k only to get the same issue again Ive noticed it more often then not with 4k content. Im aware they’re 60+ gigs in size but a hardwired internet connection pushing 100+ megs a second should be more then enough to handle it.

Thanks in advance

Also I’ll happily snes log files up to figure out what the real error is in this situation.

60GB files are definitely on the larger side for streaming remotely, and the upcoming Infuse 6 release has a number of improvements that will most definitely help with this.

With that said, it could also be related to a Google Drive temporary ban as well. From what we’ve seen, it isn’t so much related to the size of the files being access but the frequency in which they are accessed. For example, playing a number of videos within a short period of time could trigger a ban, whereas streaming one large video probably wouldn’t.

I think I figured something out here. My library count got over 25k which seems to be triggering bans when it’s getting scanned. At this point, I can’t playback anything unless I beat the scanning of files. I’m assuming 6 will have iCloud metadata which would get around my issue but you guys still don’t have a eta on it.