Infuse + Google Drive

Last I had my finger on the pulse, Google had capped uploads to about 750GB per day. I do know some people have had success uploading more when tweaking the number of uploads per batch, but you would need to do some reading; there is a lot of talk regarding rclone uploads to GDrive on various rclone communities and slack channels. Your personal upload speed will greatly affect how quickly you can upload, for sure.

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If you have the option to get fiber, you probably should. I have 1Gbps up and down and Google Drive uploads are really fast. There is the 750GB limit per day in Google Drive so you can throttle the upload if you’re going to hit that (it took me a few hours overnight every night to hit that while I was sleeping). There are ways around it with Team Drive (each Team Drive account gets 750GB) but I didn’t need to rush backing up my stuff so I never used it.

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I’m considering doing this and moving away from my current WD My Cloud Home. I mistakenly bought this NAS thinking it was an upgrade on the previous generation. the specs and speed are good, but its not your typical NAS (needs system based user accounts for web access, and public folder is only accessible locally)

So I’m considering the move to Google drive, but I’m concerned with the performance, particularly as media files start to add up, and streaming over the internet vs locally.
I don’t hold on to a lot of media, I generally delete the series when I’m done, but I have collected multitudes of “going to watch”

On my NAS I have about 3TB of stuff.

can anyone advise on their experiences?
Also what is with the API ban? Is it a velocity/frequency of requests that cause the ban?

Thanks in advance.

Performance on my end has been great! It’s actually faster most times than when I had my hard drive because I don’t have to wait for it to spin up. Movies load within seconds, but I think a hard drive may have a slight advantage when it comes to thumbnail previews when rewinding or fast-forwarding. I’m approaching 3 TB of movies and haven’t noticed any lag associated with lots of content. It seems just as fast as when I started out loading movies to Google Drive. Anyway, really no issues so far. Happy with the performance, and it’s convenient, being able to access the drive from anywhere.

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The ease of it outweighs the errors. I will say I have almost 20tb of data on my google drive (4k tips get big) and my mileage has varied. Thankfully, I have a gigabit internet connection to use but anytime I do big amounts of uploading (I’m still in process of getting everything to the cloud) it will choke on me with “an unknown error occurred.” From what I gathered it’s from loading the video thumbnails that’s causing google to stop me for a 12 or so hours then it goes back to normal. I’m extremely hopeful whenever infuse 6 drops (they’re saying Q1) that this iCloud based meta data support will rid the problem for me. I’m summery it really depends on how big of a library you have and how many devices you’re trying to playback on. I’m in a situation where I’m just grinding through the ruff patches but if I could do it again I would just use a local and with google drive working the mobile devices (they would use far less access)

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Hmmm, I might run them in tandem for a bit and see if the Gdrive stuff really doesn’t slow things down.
With 2 media files on Gdrive I definitely saw delay in scrubbing. My internet is pretty good (for AU standards)

I think it has something to do with indexing the drive and google seeing too many calls

I moved all my movies to my G Suite google drive recently, now i get ban every second movie i watch. Is this because too many things loaded in short time or do i have to live with this? As far as i understand the download cap is 10TB for 24 hours so i should not get a ban for 2 movies.

If you just uploaded everything … you just have to wait it out. Once you get to where you are just updating your library, you wont see that anymore. You must have some great upload speed or are using rclone.

Anyone else having issues watching movies from googledrive? every other day i get the message “an error occured loading this content”.

Hello - chawagon03 - I am having this EXACT SAME ISSUE. I just recently bought infuse too. Very frustrating as not a single Google Drive file will play! However the same file on Google Drive will run fine if I run it through Plex or Emby. So clearly this is an issue with the Infuse cloud integration. Can someone jump in from Firecore to fix please?

I have had issues with Infuse grabbing metadata from Google Drive? It can’t seem to match certain movies and it TV shows.

A little more info would help. Have you been able to do an edit and have it find the right show? Maybe provide an example of some exact file names that aren’t matching?

Star Trek (2009) as well as some others would not match. Even if I manually did it. It would not find the metadata.

I removed them from the watched folder and did a scan. Then added them back in and ran a scan again and it seemed to correct the issue.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but wouldn’t it be possible to add Rclone encryption support to Infuse?

I have 28TB of encrypted seed and would take months to decrypt.


Totally upvoting the request of chawagon03 since as many mentioned here you are the product with google so keeping data encrypted is a must for me as well and I would love to be able to decrypt it on the fly from infuse !

don’t wanna open another thread and couldn’t find anything…

when adding google drive as a source i see it gets access to entire drive… is it possible to just give it access to a folder only?

I would also like to see rclone encryption option to mount and get rid of plex server.