Infuse + Google Drive

I added mine and it took about an hour or so to scan everything in. The downside is every refresh takes about 6 minutes, so I’ll stick with the Plex integration that takes about 15 seconds for a refresh.

Yeah, it’s still timely to get post-index updates in. I typically have to wait about 45-60 minutes to get anything new in, which is why I’ve developed the habit of leaving Infuse open on my Apple TV every night before going to bed. Background processing would greatly improve this–pulling in updates while watching something would be great.

Could you provide a bit more info about how these files are organized?

We’ve got a few things in progress for Infuse 6 that should allow us to index videos from Google Drive in a much more efficient manner, especially in cases where Infuse is having to traverse a large number of folders. AFAIK, these slowdowns only appear when you have hundreds (or thousands) of folders in Google Drive, but there may be other cases as well.


these slowdowns only appear when you have hundreds (or thousands) of folders in Google Drive

Would that be the entire contents of Google Drive, or the specific directories that are favorited in Infuse? If Infuse has to look at every directory in Google Drive, regardless of its favorited status (what Infuse is told to look at), then that number will be huge.

If it’s specifically the directories that power the “TV Shows” library, then it is comprised of 2019 directories, all organized as “seriesname/season/episode.ext.”

If it’s all of the favorited directories being used for Infuse’s indexed libraries (“Movies,” and “TV Shows”) then it’s 5120.

If it’s all directories in Google Drive, which includes more than just the media numbers above, then it’s hundreds of thousands, but Infuse is not pointing at any of these.

To get these counts, I just ran find . -type d |wc -l.

Thanks! There’s a very good chance the changes we have in progress will help with your library. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’m waiting patiently.

I’ll just throw it out there, but can this also be the reason why my “TV Shows” indexed library loads so slowly? "TV Shows" library does not load or loads very slow

If people here are mentioning 20TB and 30TB as huge, what would you like to call my current 152TB GDrive (pure media)…

Biggest issue I see with direct GDrive connection, every single file on my GDrive is encrypted… And as much as some people say it doesn’t matter, I don’t trust the company that has you as a product…

I searched for Google Drive pricing and found the following:

$99 / month for 10 TB
$199 / month for 20 TB
$299 / month for 30 TB

And I see guys in this thread posting about multi-terabyte Google Drives and thousands of files. I don’t even see an unlimited option on that page. What am I missing? Because the prices seem exorbitant for the equivalent hard drive space you can have at home.

Thanks for enlightening me.

Google g-suite.

I’d call that “asking for the service to get changed” lol

Like others in this thread, I also use Google Drive Unlimited and Infuse and haven’t encountered any problems with API Bans or buffering. I have been doing this for about 3 months now. I don’t use the Plex Integration, I have Google Drive connected directly to Infuse.

However, I am currently in the process of looking for a backup of my Google Drive. I have about 15TB worth of 1080p/4K REMUX MKVs and I don’t want my account to get banned/terminated. I don’t use any of the sharing link features in Google for my files - Infuse is the only thing used to access/read. I have GSuite.

Does anyone have experience with Google Drive backups or suggest another method? I was thinking about getting a Synology DS918+ but still haven’t decided if I want to download and stream my movies off of the NAS. I just want to make sure I don’t lose any of my movie files since I have spent years collecting.

Any help/feedback is appreciated. I’d love to hear how other Infuse Pro users are accessing their videos. Thank you!

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The reason Amazon pulled their service is because of some numpty running a script and pushing a petabyte of data, onto a service which they charged $60/year for… Google is not stupid, they make pricing per month and per user, along with limiting daily upload amounts, and they can comfortably run with that… Remember, you are the product, more they can extract out of you the better…

Hence the encryption…

I switched from Plex Cloud to Infuse Pro for sharing my Google Drive with my family earlier this year. I still use Plex and local storage at home. The Google drive is essentially a backup for me… but they love it (And I’m only talking about a handful of people who I know would appreciate the movies.) I guess if I was to list some pros and cons:
It’s awesome. Everything plays like a champ. My folks don’t have to be tech savvy. I can easily manage metadata using iCloud sync. (Also, by it being Apple TV only, it keeps them from using underpowered equipment like $30 Roku sticks or logging right into the app on their tv.) It travels so well. Going out of town, just take the Apple TV/iPad and you’re good. I can also download movies through infuse right to my iPad before getting on a plane. The game changer though is with this setup I don’t have to worry about maintaining a server. Plex cloud had so many issues, but it did introduce me to this convenience. Discovering infuse took it to the next level

(Before listing these, just want to state that I love infuse and understand that something like this isn’t going to be perfect. I appreciate the work that the developers put in.) Library updates take awhile. If you ever lose everything, it does come back; however it takes awhile. And there used to be the Google 24 hour ban when this happened, but it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. Some movies of certain file formats takes take a LONG time to start playing. I have no idea what’s the difference or what causes this. Some mkv files start right up, but thers load for about 3 minutes or so for me before starting up. I’ve heard someone say it takes 10 minute, but I have never been able to duplicate that long a load time on my end. I just tell my folks that that is just the trade off for not having to deal with buffering during the movie. Another thing to look out for is you have to have rock solid bandwith, especially if a lot of devices are connected to your net at once and you absolutely must have unlimited data. From what I can tell, watching a 12Gb movie uses 12GB of data plus all the uploading you will be doing. Also, uploads to Google Drive are slow. The last con i can think of is that there are no extras and trailers for the movies and tv shows. I would just sync plex to infuse and use that if it had that. My wife likes to look at trailers while deciding what she wants to watch.

But I will say that using infuse though Google Drive is not perfect but it’s so clean and convenient. No servers to maintain. You don’t have to worry about hard drive failure. You will also have a very user friendly interface that anyone can figure out. I think you would like it. Everybody who I’ve setup this way loves it.

Seeing some pretty encouraging results here for 5.9.2. :slight_smile:

250 Google Drive folders:

  • 2 minutes in Infuse v5.9.1
  • 2 seconds in Infuse v5.9.2

1000 Google Drive folders:

  • 7 minutes in Infuse v5.9.1
  • 12 seconds in Infuse v5.9.2
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This is great news! It just keeps getting better!

I’m actually in the process of moving about 18tb of media to infuse (coming from pled over to infuse). The process to move files is painfully slow lol. Anyone got suggestions for decent speed file uploads ? I’m not expecting it to be 10 megs a sec upload but 2-4 megs upload would be nice and should keep me under the 75 gigs a day limit.

O.s I love love love what you guys are doing with infuse. You guys are always active on the forums, quick to respond to questions, actively pushing out updates. I started with a one year plan to test the waters but I’m going to end up with a lifetime because you’ve impressed me so much.

I used GoodSync when I did mine but I probably had 10TB then and it took months to upload everything.Around 600k/sec . When I updated my cable plan it got faster… a little under 1.2MB/s which is about an hour for a 4.5GB upload.

I have a fiber connection, so it was a pretty easy backup for me on gigabit :p. There’s really nothing you’ll be able to do if your upload speeds from your ISP are slow.

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Anybody tested 4K videos?

Is the need for Rclone + cache gone …? Is it christmas ?

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4K is a non-issue.

You didn’t know? It’s been Christmas all year! If you’re coming from that–having to mount your GDrive with rclone (possibly even PlexDrive), incessantly tinkering with cache settings–that’s all gone. With Infuse I actually get to just watch my stuff instead of playing sysadmin all day and night; it’s unreal. You’re in for a treat. The Infuse team in just the last couple minor releases have significantly improved their content scanning and indexing, and they’re not even done. It’s really fantastic. You’ve joined us at a great time.

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