Infuse + Google Drive, Collections Problem

Using Latest Infuse with GSuite, and it works well, except for Movie collections.

File structure is as recommended:
(Folder) Movies
(folder)Movie Name (year)
Movie Name

Most collections are fine, eg Alien Collection includes the movies I’d expect, but, and it’s always the same collection, Star Wars collection includes all sorts of misc content, mostly random TV episodes. I’ve painstakingly gone through all incorrect content, edited the metadata (which was already correct), then the rogue item disappears until I leave the collection then reopen it, hey presto, all the misc content is back.

Very frustrating.

This is exactly the same in two Apple TV’s

Is this a known bug?


Are you browsing your movies via the Library > Movies > Collections menu, or directly via folders?

James, I’m watching via Library->Collections or the shortcut it places on the home screen.

Here is what I mean. Star Wars movie collection has thumbnails from TV episodes of “Spaced”, “Cold Feet”, “Brass” etc, all unrelated and their metadata is correct.