Infuse freezing M1 Mac mini when trying to play a local file.....only happens if NAS is turn off...weird

Let me just first saying that I love the Infuse App…use it to play all my media from AppleTV 4K smoothly, issue I am having is when I try to play a local file on my make mini using Infuse and my NAS is not running( I don’t leave it running 24/7-only turn it on when I am ready to what a movie), the app automatically freezes and I get a pop up message from the Mac saying the NAS can not be reached. The only rational thinking here is that the app is first trying to connect to the NAS somehow…wondering if there is a setting on the app that will fix this issue, anyone please chime in and provide recommendations, thanks!!!

Sounds like

No replies from engineering, unfortunately.

You can work around it by deleting a file in the Infuse app container, and you can permanently stop it by making it so Infuse cannot write to the folder anymore but this will break the tracking of in progress playback for videos you haven’t finished watching.