Infuse freezes completely when playback video files

Infuse has been working fine for playing videos until I manage the videos into the folders within Infuse.

The video files from iTunes Videos and Network Share never freeze Infuse.

I copied a folder containing video files from File Sharing on iTunes.
These video files are working fine for the time being.

However, once I move some video files into the folders within Infuse, playing video files start causing Infuse to freeze completely.

It looks to me if managing video files within Infuse corrupted the folder database or something causing Infuse to freeze when playing those video files in the folders.

Have anyone seen a freeze when playing video files?

I’m seeing this issue with Infuse 5.8 on my iPhone X.

If you have a chance, please send in a report from you device so we can look into this.

Playback just got frozen with spinning wheel right after resuming the playback of a locally stored video file.
This is not complete freeze problem but this is one of the symptom I observed along with the complete freeze.
I just sent you a report from the device. See request #105920.

By the way, how can I send the log for the complete freeze problem?
Because Infuse becomes non-responsible completely, all I can do is to kill Infuse by swiping up to the app list.
Does sending log after restarting Infuse still help you to investigate the problem?

In addition to report #105920, please also take a look at report #105819 which I sent the log when I first observed the problem while I was switching the apps last week.

See request #105933 for the complete freeze problem.

So far I sent these reports: #105819 #105920 #105933