Infuse framerate drop (iPhone 12 only)

Hello, I watch very few series on my iPhone, that’s why I can’t say if I’ve had this problem for a long time, I have framerate drops when I watch a series or a movie with my iPhone, I don’t have this problem on my iPad or Mac or Apple TV, if someone knows where the problem can come from

Just to clarify, could you elaborate on what you mean by frame rate dropping? Is it stuttering, pausing, etc?

What do you get for the speed test in Infuse for one of these videos that you’re experiencing this in?

What model iPhone, OS, version of Infuse?

hello, these are drops in FPS, as if I go from 30 images/per second to 20 and it goes back up, I have this problem on the entirety of my library and in terms of speed I am between 500 and 950 mbit/ second

I’m on an iphone 12 pro 17.0.2 infuse 7.6.1

diagnostic code: VDNM7

If you download the video to your phone and do playback, does it still have an issue?

yes it’s the same

There have been other similar reports from iPhone 12 users in the past, and it seems disabling the auto-brightness feature may help resolve this.

Indeed, it solved my problem, thank you


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