Infuse for Xbox

Hi everybody,

I would love to have Infuse on Xbox One (and Xbox One S) one day. It would be really amazing!

Thank you for your wonderful work.


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Xbox One S is out and Windows 10 Anniversary update too. It brings universal Windows App Store, so now you can develop one single app to all platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Xbox).

Can you please consider to develop Infuse for Xbox?

Thank you.

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Xbox One X with 4K and HDR, the most powerful console ever, is coming this November.
Will you ever consider to bring Infuse to Windows ecosystem?


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Infuse Pro is the best app for watching vidios from NAS. Could you please port your app to XBOX One platform?

You can check on xbox forums, there are many topics from people who looking for good MKV player:

Are you going to build infuse for Xbox one? I think that it would be the best app in there…


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Talking to a friend who is also an Infuse Pro user and who, like me, is also waiting for the PS5, he told me that the only thing this console would need to be perfect is a good video player, because both the PS4 and the Xbox have a pretty mediocre player, and of course, we have fantasized that James would consider making a paid version for these consoles. So yes, I put our wish in writing, which I suppose will be the same as many others like us … dreaming is free :smiley:


There’s Kodi for Xbox One and will be for the new one as well.

Plus one from me on the Xbox.
On the plus side for the Xbox is the fact that it supports basically all codecs as it is a DVD/BD/UHD Player. So no need for you to implement a software player.
Furthermore, it also allows for framerate switching like the ATV does.
Even bitstreamjng should be possible afaik.