Infuse for Windows

I live in the windows world (one pc, one notebook), android world (smartphone) and apple world (apple tv 4k, ipad).

When do you plan a version for windows and android. I found no ipad or ios or xos emulator for windows. But there are a log android emulator for windows. So it helps me if there is a version for android.

Best wishes


Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

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Same wish here. Would be awesome!

Earl K Hulings

i support his idea and i wish infuse to support MacOS also please

Would be great if infuse supports Windows 10 platform

It seems Infuse has really come into its own. I think it is time to develop it for the Windows Store to allow surface tablets that have not been converted to utilize this software. I would buy it again for that availability.

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Will there be any windows 10 app for infuse in the future

Hi, James. Currently do you have any arrangements for Infuse for Windows?