Infuse for Windows

I live in the windows world (one pc, one notebook), android world (smartphone) and apple world (apple tv 4k, ipad).

When do you plan a version for windows and android. I found no ipad or ios or xos emulator for windows. But there are a log android emulator for windows. So it helps me if there is a version for android.

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Moving to suggestions. Thanks!


Same wish here. Would be awesome!

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Earl K Hulings

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i support his idea and i wish infuse to support MacOS also please

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Would be great if infuse supports Windows 10 platform

It seems Infuse has really come into its own. I think it is time to develop it for the Windows Store to allow surface tablets that have not been converted to utilize this software. I would buy it again for that availability.

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Will there be any windows 10 app for infuse in the future

Hi, James. Currently do you have any arrangements for Infuse for Windows?


Need to switch to Windows platform, are there any efforts to use Infuse on Windows?

I love the Infuse interface on my iOS devices. Can we get something similar on a Windows PC? I want to browse my collection just like on my iOS devices with posters, information, years, etc.

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I moved your post to an existing thread requesting that feature.

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In the meantime you might be interested in checking out Kodi. It can be extended to do an awful lot more (hence it not being allowed on the App Store), but the pure vanilla experience can work very similarly to Infuse, on Windows. I use it to manage my collection on initial import, to select poster and fanart images for movies and TV, and download them and TV episode thumbnails to my server; and creating .nfo files (that I may or may not allow Infuse to read based on how Infuse is currently glitching or not).

I also switched to scraping all my Kodi data from TMDB (dating back to when Infuse made the switch to using exclusively them), and in so doing, verifying my titles will be properly identified by Infuse (using consistent naming schemes and matching your filenames exactly to TMDB’s listed titles and release years goes a long way). This lets me hopefully catch problem (misidentified) titles before they get lost in my ever-growing Infuse library … so that I can make any changes necessary to have the titles correctly identified. I’ll do this either by changing my filenames, or updating the database directly on TMDB.