Infuse for TV: Need for adult content isolation and individual profiles

Due to the presence of adult content in the library, enabling iCloud sync would directly sync to the Apple TV. If there are children at home, it would prevent them from watching TV. Is it possible to add a detailed option for iCloud sync, such as specifying certain sources not to sync, or requiring a PIN to view media libraries from specified sources.

For instance, my infuse library has four sources: A, B, C, and D, with only D containing adult content. An option could be added when adding sources to exclude this particular source from iCloud sync. Alternatively, a PIN could be required to view content from source D

Another more convenient and recommended approach is similar to that of Netflix. When you turn on the infuse TV, it prompts you to select your own profile, with each profile corresponding to its own media library sources. Switching to an adult profile would require a PIN, and each profile would maintain separate viewing histories and media libraries through iCloud.

As the television is a shared device for the whole family, segregation of content is very important.


Have you tried the parental controls in settings?

Thank you for your response. I’ve tried using parental controls, but it makes it very difficult for children to use. I think independent personal profiles are more convenient and user-friendly. No matter how much content is in the media library, switching only requires entering the PIN once

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Have you tried using the Apple TV profiles?